FNF Wednesday's Infidelity (PART 2)

Published on 31 Oct 2022 464 person played

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Game Details:

Play horror FNF Wednesday's Infidelity (PART 2)  Friday Night Funkin' mod based on the horror aesthetics of FNF VS Suicide Mouse. Enter and engage in a set of three story-driven weeks against  Mickey Mouse. Lots of bonus songs available in the Freeplay mode. Join us to see the sad adventure of Mickey Mouse, being absorbed by drugs after seeing his girlfriend with another man.

Patch 1 Update

- HOPEFULLY fixed shader on Last Day

- Added Gf Sus -Added Cat Laugh on miss (Julian)

- Fixed Cutscene not loading

- Nerfed Health Drain limit to 1/4th of your health

- Added Nub Mode that removes mechanics

- Syringe Mechanic Timings is now step based

- Recharts

- Fixed Flashing problems on Too Slow

- Fixed Scroll Speed being too fast on some songs

- Added Captions for cutscenes

- Added Captions for Leak ma Balls

How to play this FNF mod:

Game is played like most of fnf mods by pressing arrow keys in exact time to catch the rhythm and notes.


Want to play PC desktop version? Download FNF Wednesday's Infidelity (PART 2) below:

Download FNF Wednesday's Infidelity (PART 2) Download FNF Wednesday's Infidelity (PART 2) !

Game Developers & Credits:!

Original FNF Developer: NinjaMuffin99 https://github.com/ninjamuffin99/Funkin
PhantomArcade3k and evilsk8r – ARTISTS
kawaisprite – TASTY MUSIC

Jhaix (Director & Creator, Main Musician), Nugget (Co-Director, Icon, Thumbail, Logo and Sprite Artist), Cape (Main Charter of 13 Songs and Coder), Zero (Story Writer, Art Director, Sprite Artist and BG Artist), Kass8tto (Part 1 BG Artist and Part 2 Among Us Sprite Artist), Marco Antonio (Among Us Sprite Animator and Oswald Album Artist), Lunar (Main Programmer), Jloor (Programmer), Royal (Programmer), Sandi (Hellhole, Untold Loneliness, Vesania and Spring March Musician), Awe (U.S, Versiculus Iratus, Needlemouse and Leak Ma Balls Musician), Lean (Extra Musician, Coder, Animation Helper, and Sound Effects), Flaconadir (Cheddar Week Musician, Mickey and Oswald VA), iKenny (Musician), ReddudeXD (Carnival in Toyland Musician), Tok (Charter and Mokey Icon Artist), KINGF0X (Voice Actor) and Adam McHummus (Corpse Base Musician).

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