FNF vs Shaggy 2.5

Published on 03 Nov 2022 406 person played

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Game Details:

Play this mod from Friday Night Funkin game series dedicated to Scooby doo where main character which you need to beat is Shaggy - the most powerful being in the universe. Ultimate Update with a lot of new songs and stuff for you to unlock. Remember that Shaggy is only 0.001% of his power, he sings against you to test your strength.

The Mod contains 12 songs:

Chapter 1 

Where are you – intro of the Scooby-doo series

Eruption – an original song

Kaio-ken – another original song

Chapter 2

What’s new – A remix of “What’s new Scooby-doo?”

Blast – Original song that is also very difficult

Super Saiyan – The fastest 6k song in the mod

Chapter 3

[Finale]- GOD EATER – the final song of the main story. 

Chapter 4

[Shaggy x Matt]) Get it here on GJ

Chapter 5

Soothing Power – Not very challenging

Thunderstorm –  Funky song ou yeah

Dissasembler – Very hard to beat.

Chapter 6


Talladega – Good luck. (Secret Song) Hardest song to unlock it

How to play this FNF mod:

Game is played with ARROW keys.


Want to play PC desktop version? Download FNF vs Shaggy 2.5 below:

Download FNF vs Shaggy 2.5 Download FNF vs Shaggy 2.5 !

Game Developers & Credits:!

Original FNF Developer: NinjaMuffin99 https://github.com/ninjamuffin99/Funkin
PhantomArcade3k and evilsk8r – ARTISTS
kawaisprite – TASTY MUSIC

SrPerez: OG Mod creator. Shadow Mario: The FNF game engine Other game developers found in-game credits.

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