FNF Funk Guys Ultimate Knockout

Published on 01 Nov 2022 355 person played

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Game Details:

FNF Funk Guys Ultimate Knockout is mod dedicated to popular fall guys pc game, includes also Ultimate Nightmare songs. Current game is Halloween demo with two songs but expect more in future. Can you beat opponents in rhythm dance battle and win your girlfriends heart.

Game is ported to browser HTML5 and can have some differences from pc desktop version, also avaliable for downloading below.

How to play this FNF mod:

Game is played with ARROW or WASD keys. Press them in exact time to catch the note.


Want to play PC desktop version? Download FNF Funk Guys Ultimate Knockout below:

Download FNF Funk Guys Ultimate Knockout Download FNF Funk Guys Ultimate Knockout !

Game Developers & Credits:!

Original FNF Developer: NinjaMuffin99 https://github.com/ninjamuffin99/Funkin
PhantomArcade3k and evilsk8r – ARTISTS
kawaisprite – TASTY MUSIC

Sharv: Lead Director, Modder / Neonight: Assistant Director, Modder / RuvStyle: Assistant Director, Modder / Zynux: Assistant Director / DragShot: Modder, Programmer / GoddessAwe: Composer of “Fallen” / Ooum: Vocals for “Fallen” / Punkett: Composer of “Final Round” / Kyutens: Composer of the menu music / Mr. Mosh: Main Artist / Anki: Sprite Artist and Animator, Icons / Mike: GUI Designer and Artist / Cerbera: Charter for “Fallen” and “Final Round” / Swirl: V-Tuber star on the rise / Maunsten: Meanwhile in Nevada / Spres: That potato on the wall improving our morale / HaxLua: Chromatic Aberration Script /

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