About FNF (Friday Night Funkin) mods and games!

FNFMODS.lol is fan-made website with collection of best Friday Night Funkin games popularly known as fnf mods. Site is populated with new fnf games almost daily.

Friday Night Funkin is Desktop PC game created by NinjaMuffin99 (FNF GITHUB open source code) in HaxeFlixel which gained a lot of popularity in 2021.  The plot of the game is very simple in almost every mod: there is two main characters BoyFriend and Girlfriend and you need to beat all kind of opponents in rhythm rap dance battle to impress the girlfriend or her dad. Games usually have few songs and levels (weeks) which you need to pass to unlock all game features. Original game FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN was published on Kongregate and currently have 7 WEEKS included

Since the original developer made the game engine code public there are many coders and users who make their own new fnf mods with various cartoon, games or other hit characters. In order to publish your own mod you need to release also game code to public. Biggest mod community can be found on Gamebanana.com and most of games and assets for creating, support are published there.

To this day many popular fnf mods released, some even more popular than original friday night funkin game like:

FNF vs Sonic.exe 2.0, FNF Rainbow Friends, FNF vs Huggy Wuggy Poppy Playtime, FNF vs Indie Cross v2, FNF Sarvent's MID-Fight Masses, FNF Character Test Playground, FNF Pibby Corrupted, FNF Indie Cross - Crossed out,FNF Funk Guys Ultimate Knockout

How to play fnf mods online?

Mods are easily played by pressing ARROW or WASD keys on keyboard in exact time to catch the notes and rhythm of song currently playing. Usually you need to press ENTER to start the game. Some mods are very hard to play and beat opponents but most of them have option to choose your difficulty from Newbie or EASY  to Ultra Hard.

We publish those FNF mods on our site in HTML5 version so you can play all those games online, don't need to download them, can search for your favorite mod and instantly play it without downloading 100-400mb files. Since the games are exported to browser version using LIME it can have some differences from PC desktop Chromebook versions. Usually we add also download version of the games to our site so you have both options avaliable...

Are fnf mods free? How many fnf games are there?

All the games are free to play and there is more than 500 fnf mods created and published to this date. Some of them are in HD and very popular but there is also lower quality first time creators of fnf mods which usually we don't publish on our site. 

So what are you waiting for, pick your favorite Friday Night Funkin mod and start dancing on cool songs and music... 


 P.S All trademark and copyright of fnf mods published to this site are from their respective owners.
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